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The top frequently asked questions about LATAM Pass Status Match. Full status match faq can be viewed here

  • What LATAM Pass frequent flyer status can I obtain through the campaign?

    Approved participants will receive the equivalent status they have with one of the frequent flyer programs of the airlines that apply according to the geographic condition reported (excluding the Black Signature category).

    You can find more information about the benefits and privileges of the LATAM Pass frequent flyer status levels here.

  • How long is status valid for if my status match request is approved?

    If your request is approved, you will receive the corresponding frequent flyer status in the LATAM Pass program within six (6) business days, valid until 03/31/2023.

  • How much does the application cost?

    The application and processing fee for USA and Chile residents is USD$39.00. Residents of other locations may not be eligible to apply.

  • When does the LATAM Pass status match campaign end?

    The campaign ends on 11:59pm October 31, 2022 (CLST). LATAM Pass and reserve the right to end or ammend the campaign even before this date.